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Process: 50 Product Designs from Concept to Manufacture

This book provides an in-depth study of the creative and manufacturing processes behind 50 contemporary domestic design objects. Chosen from all around the world, they span furniture, lighting, tableware, textiles and products. Featuring the work of both long-established and emerging designers, each product is selected for its significant use of new technology, unorthodox or complex production process, use of innovative materials (or traditional materials adapted in new and unexpected ways) and, in some cases, for the creative concept behind it.Beginning with a general introduction, each project is then presented through explanatory text as well as inspirational image, sketch, detail shots of production processes and the completed product. A glossary of production methods is also included. 'Process' offers an interesting and useful insight into how products are designed for students and professional designers alike.

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Spielarten des Organischen in Architektur, Design und Kunst
Annette Geiger, Stefanie Hennecke, Christin Kempf


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Tibor Kalman
Peter Hall, Michael Bierut

From his introductory notes explaining the book's subtitle, Kalman demonstrates a clear contrariness to the common understanding of the role of graphic design. From window dresser and shopping bag designer of the nascent Barnes & Noble in the 1970s to founder and leader of the award-winning M & Co. design firm in the 1980s to his revolutionary anti-selling aesthetic as founding editor-in-chief at Benetton's Colors magazine, Kalman has sought out roles unfamiliar to him and done them in his own way. This hasn't stopped him from developing one of the best-known and most influential bodies of work in the field. If all this monograph did were to convey this complex personality?as it does in the more than a dozen essays by and interviews with former clients and co-workers?it would be a grand success. But, more than that, it surveys important work from his entire career in more than 600 illustrations, all thoughtfully captioned. Essential for all academic libraries, this addictively browseable tribute is also recommended for larger public libraries.

Eric Bryant, "Library Journal"
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Wabi-sabi für Künstler, Architekten und Designer
Leonard Koren

Wabisabi stammt aus dem japanischen Kulturkreis und meint eine ganz spezifische Art von Schönheit, die sich durch Einfachheit, Selbstgenügsamtkeit und den Verzicht auf aüßeren Prunkt zugunsten innerer Werte auzeichnet. Dieses Konzept mag für diejenigen eine Bereicherung sein, die im künstlerischen und geitigen Bereich kreativ tätig sind und eine Alternative zu einer oberflächlichen Waren- und Konsumästhetik suchen.

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