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Animation Now!, m. DVD-Video
Julius Wiedemann

Wer steckt hinter dem erfolgreichsten Film-Genre der 90er Jahre? "Findet Nemo", "Toy Story" oder "Ice Age" haben plötzlich nicht nur Kinder als Publikum - ihre Eltern hat das Trickfilm-Fieber ebenso gepackt. "Animation Studios" zeigt die Macher hinter den Kulissen: rund 80 Künstler und ihre Studios werden vorgestellt. Weiterhin gibt das Buch Aufschluß über alle wichtigen Schulen, an denen die Künstler sich ausbilden lassen, den Geburtsstätten von Nemo, Arielle und vielen anderen. Zusätzlich zum Buch bekommen Sie eine DVD mit Filmausschnitten, deren Werbung, Beispielen aus dem "making of..." und vielen Überraschungen.

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ISBN: 382283789X

Digital Lighting and Rendering

Crafting a perfect rendering in 3D software means nailing all the details. And no matter what software you use, your success in creating realistic-looking illumination, shadows and textures depends on your professional lighting and rendering techniques. In this lavishly illustrated new edition, Pixar's Jeremy Birn shows you how to do it.

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ISBN: 0321316312

Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right
Jason Osipa

Lips, brows, frown lines--they’re all in motion in an expressive face. Stop Staring analyzes facial structures and movements and shows animators how to enliven the faces of their characters. The author, whose own handsome head (in modeled form) graces the cover, is an experienced animator currently working on The Sims.

He writes with a dry wit and a confidence born from experience. The book is friendly but also loaded with content and precise in its directions. "I am by no means God’s gift to animation, but I do pretty well at making a talking head look like a living one, not just a set of gums flapping." This is not a how-to manual, but a richly detailed guide to achieving the right movements for a given situation and emotion. The companion CD includes all the pieces readers will need in order to work along with the text: models (both realistic and stylized ’toon characters), lip-synching samples, finished Quicktime movies, and even a copy of Maya Personal LE. (More info and some movies can be found at jasonosipa.com.)

Readers move from "Getting to Know the Face," to synching audio, working on the mouth, eyes, and brows, and rigging. Osipa has created a methodology for facial animation that gets results and makes the process fun. The book can be used as a step-by-step guide for learning new skills or finessing techniques, or as a reference book for troubleshooting specific expressions (for example, "happy eyes," "frustration," and "sneers" are all in the index). Although the projects are presented using Maya, the concepts involved pertain to animation in general.

There are lots of production tips and, in Chapter 13, case studies using five scripted scenes. Readers can even begin with this last chapter, watching the movies (they’re funny!) and enjoying Osipa’s debates as he works through animating his face telling a lame bartender joke or a sassy ‘toon gal weighing the pros and cons of pink and blue bows. This hip writer knows what he’s talking about, even when it’s his own animated mug that’s doing the talking! --Angelynn Grant

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ISBN: 0471789208

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing. (Academic Press) (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics)

Digital compositing, defined here as 'the digitally manipulated combination of at least two source images to produce an integrated result', is a huge field incorporating 2-D and 3-D still and animated artwork. The Art and Science of Digital Compositing homes in on a specific area--visual effects in film, multimedia and commercials--and expands on it in a highly precise and technical fashion. The author, Ron Brinkman, has applied his expertise to many projects, including such feature films as James and the Giant Peach and Die Hard. Here he teaches aspiring film, video and multimedia artists how to create mattes; manipulate time; track, view, and analyse images; work with various film and video formats and understand the issues of quality versus efficiency. Brinkman concentrates on improving what you've put together by manipulating colour, brightness, perspective, lighting, cameras and more. You can apply much of the introductory information-- resolution, bit depth, compression, colour and geometric manipulations--to simple image-compositing projects. But then you're off into Hollywood territory, though the tone is one of serious insight, not whimsical observation. This is essentially a textbook for people who are looking for an in-depth discussion of technology for advanced animation production. As such, it does an excellent job. --Kathleen Caster, amazon.com

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The Illusion of Life. Disney Animation. Engl.

From Library Journal: Thomas and Johnston, two of Disney's original animators, here give the inside scoop on how the studio created the works that have charmed the world. "The text is ambitious," said LJ's reviewer (LJ 12/15/81). The "authors simultaneously give a history of Disney animation and explain the processes involved in clear, nontechnical terms." Along with the splendid text are dozens of color and black-and-white photographs and illustrations. A "magnificent volume" that remains "essential for film collections and a feast for the most casual peruser." Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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ISBN: 0786860707